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The treatments, eg, with statins, antiplatelet drugs, vitamins, or other drugs, may cause bias, which brings about changes bioxtra the results. Moreover, the results of the primary and secondary prevention trials are often mixed and discussed together (under one umbrella), despite the essential differences in the pathological conditions and backgrounds between them.

Читать далее large vitamin trials were conducted for the aim of secondary prevention, and included participants with serious pathological conditions. Therefore, conclusions from these trials and bioxtra cannot be extended to primary prevention, and they are not suitable to settle the question on the effectiveness of vitamins in CVD prevention.

The reason physicians do not accept vitamin supplementation as a bioxtra of CVD prevention may be that official guidelines bioxtra not support the introduction of bioxtra substitution. Our conclusion is that vitamin C, vitamin E, bioxtra D, and also B vitamins have beneficial bioxtra on cardiovascular health and prevention of CVD. Whether the bioxtra use of these vitamins is more effective than the use of individual vitamins is a question to be addressed in future research.

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