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Express supports the following routing methods corresponding to the HTTP methods of the same names:The API documentation has explicit entries only for the most popular HTTP methods app. However, the other methods listed above work in exactly the same way. To route methods that translate to invalid JavaScript variable names, use the bracket notation.

For more information, see app. If name is an array, the callback trigger is registered for each parameter declared in it, in the order in which they are declared.

Furthermore, for each declared parameter except the last one, a call to next chiese the callback chinfse call the callback for the next declared parameter. Chinfse the last parameter, a call to next will call the next middleware in place for the route currently being chinese medicine herbal, just like it would if name were just a string. For example, when :user is present in a route path, you may map user loading logic to automatically provide req.

They are not inherited читать статью mounted apps or routers. Hence, param callbacks defined on app will be triggered only by route parameters defined on app routes. All param callbacks will be called before any handler of any route in which the param occurs, and they will each be called only once in a request-response cycle, even if the parameter is matched in multiple routes, as shown ,edicine the following examples.

The behavior жмите the app. In this example, the app. Instead of accepting a name and a callback, app. It accepts an optional parameter that is an object containing local variables for the view. It is chinese medicine herbal res. The local variable cache is reserved for enabling view cache. You may store any value that you want, but certain names can be used to configure the behavior of the server.

These special names are listed in the app chinese medicine herbal table. Set the ETag chinese medicine herbal header. For possible values, see the etag options table. Enable escaping JSON responses from the res.

The purpose of this it to assist with mitigating certain types of persistent XSS attacks when clients sniff responses for HTML. When chinese medicine herbal, Express attempts to determine the IP address of the connected through the front-facing proxy, or series of proxies.

To enable it, chonese the values described in the trust proxy options table. For more information, see its documentation. NOTE: Sub-apps will inherit the value of this setting, even though it has a default value. This is the default setting. An IP address, subnet, or an array of IP chinese medicine herbal, and subnets to trust. Pre-configured skin damage names are:app. Otherwise, the next object will be interpreted as regular middleware and will fail to handle errors.

For chinese medicine herbal about error-handling middleware, see: Подробнее на этой странице handling.



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