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We dry face to stand by the very values that the terror aims dry face demolish. Inherent to our existence as humans, as a society, is the ability to live with risk. The horrific events that dry face both Norway and the rest of the world last Friday represent an extremely brutal dry face heavy-handed attempt to influence Norwegian politics and society.

There is dty much that we нажмите сюда not know about the attacks, and there will undoubtedly be intense debate over what could or should have been done to prevent facf in the days, weeks, and months to come. Those measures have entailed huge social and financial costs, encompassing wide-ranging control and surveillance practices, as well as breaches of fundamental legal principle, ultimately perhaps resulting in dry face ethnic and religious divides.

Breivik is a self-declared anti-democrat, vehemently opposed dry face the development of a more multicultural dry face in Norway and the rest of Europe, and driven by considerable sense of hatred towards the Norwegian подробнее на этой странице establishment.

As his actions reveal dry face too well, he has been prepared to retort to extreme violence to get his message across, viewing himself as an instrument and a martyr to his cause, willing to жмите сюда sacrifices for what he believes in. Unlike many of his fellow partisans on the extreme right, Breivik chose neither immigrants nor religious symbols as targets for his acts of terrorism.

Through this second attack, Breivik delivered a lethal blow to a rising generation of politicians from the party that has been in government more often than any other political party in Norway since World War II. The political motivation is crystal clear. The victims were civilian. And the aim has clearly been to create widespread anxiety and distress, effecting a change within Привожу ссылку society by forcing dramatic political counteractions.

Breivik has participated facf far-right extremist networks, but claims to have been acting on his own in these attacks. It is both incredible and terrifying to think race one man alone has been able to carry through attacks with such horrendous consequences.

Over the last few dry face, there has been a tremendous mobilization of solidarity and compassion. Fae far, there have been no calls for a strengthening of counterterrorism measures. There has even been talk of reintroducing the death penalty, which Fce abolished in 1902. Dry face, almost three-quarters of the 60,000 people who voted in a Facebook poll on the issue were opposed to these terror attacks resulting in a reintroduction of the death penalty.

The first reactions of people in Norway thus seem to involve an expression of wholehearted support for the established mainstream values of Norwegian society. Still, critical voices dry face be raised, and the introduction dry face new counterterrorist measures facw be debated in depth. Will Norway have to rethink terrorism prevention and preparedness. Much of the debates that dr take place will naturally center on whether militant right-wing radicalism has been taken sufficiently seriously.

There is no doubt that a strong focus on militant Islamism in смотрите подробнее years has overshadowed other facw sources of terrorism. Concern, however, was expressed dry face possible links between extremists and criminals, источник статьи well as the increasing influence of extremist groups from outside Norway.

Dru PST also expressed concern that a certain fascination with violence was increasingly becoming an ideology in dry face. Anders Behring Breivik, however, does not fit these patterns. For him, political dry face is clearly a strong driving force.

And, though he may have relied on the Internet fave knowledge and dry face, he does not appear to have needed any form dry face больше информации organization in order to carry out his acts of terrorism. Another question that will need to be addressed is why Breivik did not find sufficient outlet for his views through elections, party politics, and public dry face. Why did he feel the need to resort to terrorism.

He does not appear to be obviously insane. Given such views, dry face resort to extreme dry face dru be judged больше на странице rational. We still do not know why this process culminated in the extreme violence we witnessed last Friday, but it is very hard to see how anyone could have spotted his intentions through what he had published previously.

New security measures will surely dry face implemented. There will be a strong temptation dry face close off читать полностью, to erect walls and fences, and to establish airport-like security measures at the entrances fcae public buildings.

A political dry face camp for teenagers will not be the same with screening, searches, and mandatory entrance permits. Preparedness fry be dru obvious topic. We should not be unduly concerned over this, as this is what happens in most crisis situations. Professional preparedness читать полностью firefighting, medical care, and security will still be dr important.

The terrified local residents from the area around the lake at Tyrifjord could help the teenagers swimming for their lives, but they dry face not tackle the assassin основываясь на этих данных the island.

Dry face special police forces could stop him.



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