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She believes that we are equal and want to save the same world regardless of gender, origin and faith. The creator of the American-style star узнать больше здесь in Hungary, the owner and CEO of TMC Johnson grants and one of the most influential Hungarian women in media.

Successful television shows, talk shows and YouTube series are associated with her name, to whom the biggest Hungarian syndrome down s owe their success. In addition to celebrities, she deals with the problems of hundreds and thousands of ordinary people and tells the non-ordinary stories of ordinary role models. If something goes south with your car, you call a mechanic syndrome down s and if something gets messed up in the machines that make the cars - they call Damian.

The ultimate problemsolver, strategist syndrome down s brilliant engineer agree to visit Syndrome down s Bar as a stopover on his busy schedule to save factories - and we couldn't be happier.

Have you ever wondered what's behind the coolest machines, where the future will drive us - and how this massive industry that is car manufacturing works.

Come and listen to Damion's passionate talk - and if you are car-geek you even get to ask him all the burning syndrome down s. Some argue that the age of AI is closer than we think and we as humanity are slowly but surely losing ground. Larson, a machine learning engineer arguing against AI orthodoxy.

In his new syndrome down s The Myth of Artificial Intelligence, Larson joins the small set of voices protesting this notion. He argues that the current approach is not only based on a fundamental misunderstanding syndrome down s knowledge creation but actively prohibits progress читать больше both in AI and other disciplines. But where is the truth. Join Erik on his quest to find out what syndrome down s future has in store for us.

An associate professor of politics at the University of Dallas. In 2017, he co-founded American Affairs, a quarterly journal of public policy and political thought - challenging mainstream views with this Harvardian is shaking up the world of academia. Strong and formative voice in American politics, news preceded him: Brain Bar welcomes Gladden Pappin - get ready to syndrome down s morality, power struggles and the role of big tech in fiery debate on syndrome down s main stage on Friday.

A social enterprise embraced by angels. The twins of the health app, DiabTrend, are visionaries who believe in automation. After having been noticed and nurtured by one of the angel investors of Hungary, DiabTrend has grown out to become so remarkable that it even received a dose of capital from Solus venture. The Havlik brothers are here to be bombarded with questions about the future syndrome down s automated AI and that of dequadin labour as well.

Upon hearing their visionary plan on giving a complete 180 to Bosch thinks about everything work-related syndrome down s one cannot help but root for them. Come and experience their (re)vision soon to become syndrome down s reality and learn about how one can even move mountains - and the hearts of the executives, if the idea is good, the team is prepared and the concept is truly designed for life.

After graduating from ELTE, Gergely Mikola became a political adviser which was just the beginning. Although it can be a double-edged-sword, when you are the youngest device nice the room, it can be turned to your advantage as well. Gergely Mikola - mayor of Encs - makes good use of his young age and delivers innovative ideas in local policy making.

Given the ambition and attachment towards his syndrome down s, Gergely is determined to shape the future of Encs. She worked with the co-creation of the first smart city testbed in the Baltics and the development of a mobility-focused incubator program. As an experienced startup collaboration facilitator and business development consultant, she wants to make a social impact with her work. Not only has his work on international security and alliance cohesion been published by the prestigious publisher Routledge, but it also appeared in The Washington Post, War on syndrome down s Rocks, The Conversation, International Security Network, Atlantic Community, and in various Hungarian outlets as well.

In 2020, he received the John McCain Dissertation Award of the Munich Security Conference. Reforming the landscape - while maintaining stable growth. Regional Manager CEE at Bolt, Roman knows the challenges of our cities in and out - syndrome down s is full of ideas to truly transform transportation. His appearance completes Brain Bar's urbanism panel where with his help, you'll syndrome down s the chance to get a true sneak peek into the future of mobility.



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